Recently, Sarah reached out to us to share her family’s experience hosting a Birthing Kit Assembly event for Christmas.  Read Sarah’s story below to learn what inspired her to help: 

” Last year my partner and I decided that we wanted to do something meaningful for Christmas to show our kids and our friends and family how lucky and grateful we are for our happy, healthy and relatively prosperous life.

As a former AusAID employee and human rights lawyer, I was keen to make sure we chose a charity that aligned with our principles and that our support would flow directly to those most in need.  I was also keen to actually do something, rather than just give money.  Making birthing kits for BKFA became the perfect way for us to do this. 

Once we made the decision, the rest was really easy.  The good people at BKFA helped us set up a fundraising site and with a bit of social media and word of mouth we managed to hit our target really quickly and ended up raising nearly $1000 – without having to put the hard sell on anyone!

The fun part was the assembly day which we held at our house.  We had dedicated kid-wranglers, drink pourers and a big loud bell we rang every time we hit the 50 mark. Then we would all stop, have a drink and a chat and then get clean and start again.  It really helped that we followed the tips from BKFA and prepared the plastic and string before hand – that way our assembly line moved even quicker than we thought.  

At the end of the process, we all felt so good.  So loved by those who supported us, so stoked that our kids saw Christmas for something other than consumerism and so grateful for the chance to support BKFA.  We hope to make it part of our family tradition.  You should too!”