We asked Jessica to tell us about her experience of holding her first ever Assembly Day at which 1000 kits were packed.

1000 kits is amazing, well done! How many people volunteered for your Assembly Day and how did you find so much support ? I was thrilled with the participation numbers – nearly 50 people helped in the end. I told my closest friends they HAD to come and asked them to bring a friend along which helped the number grow quite quickly. Then I found School Mums were a perfect target – our local school is large and I have two kids there so that was a natural starting point. I held a prep night at my house to cut string and soap to accommodate those who couldn’t make the day. Lastly our local community has a Facebook group and by sharing the BKFA videos and stories I got a good response there too.

Do you have any fundraising tips for anyone thinking of doing the same? I found the easiest way was to ask people to donate to attend.  People’s responses were really positive about this – you don’t often make a charitable donation to a cause and get to physically also then pitch in and help out – it’s often one or the other.

What was your favourite part of the day?  There was the most beautiful energy in the room. I just loved it. We had a fantastic Zonta Club representative helping to brief us which took the logistical pressure off my shoulders a little and with all the super efficient ladies on hand we even finished an hour ahead of schedule. I must also thank the Avalon SLSC for providing the room free of charge that looked out across the ocean on a beautiful autumn day. Everyone was asking about next year as we were packing up!

Thanks to Jessica for an amazing contribution!  You can find out more about hosting an Assembly Day here.